What is the Gerler Wine style?

Questions like this are difficult to answer succinctly, but I guess the overarching goals of what we’re doing are to make honest wines that reflect where they’re grown, are made carefully and suit the market.  Brisbane is a pretty relaxed city, and I like to think that the wines we’re making are pretty relaxed too.  The best of our wines are silky with good flow from front to back and something a little different – they are at once velvety and easy to drink but possess certain qualities that facilitate deeper contemplation if desired. 

Most are made from many small batches which are blended pre-bottling and so have a level of complexity from the very beginning of their lives in bottle.  These features develop with time, resulting in wines with a definite charm.

Gerler Rose being poured, our most popular wine

The Brisbane market is loving our wines so far (since we opened Carl’s a few months ago) with the Grenache Rose firmly holding onto the top spot as our most popular wine, followed by the Grenache Mataro blend.  So it seems that all those years making Pinot Noir in Tasmania are standing me in good stead, informing the way I make Grenache wines.  It’s tricky walking the line between gentleness and richness – which is a fundamental reason why I split the fruit into heaps of little batches – it facilitates the constant learning and refining of our style which is so critical to the success of our wines and the continual quest for improvement.  Never stop learning!